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From our humble beginnings in 2003, we've come a long way to become a large, vibrant & dynamic society to voice over 8,500 members.

UNSW Marketing Society(MarkSoc) is a society that aims to engage with students who are both interested and study marketing. Our goal is to help people understand that marketing is not just a profession but a strategy and a skill that is necessarry in all industries, and successful workers.



Career's Guide 2020

UNSW Marketing Society June 23, 2020 Guides

Gain insight into the many pathways a marketing career could take you with our annual Career’s Guide!


The Old Town Road To Success

Aaron Wu March 2, 2020 Article

Learn how Lil Nas X used MARKETING to reach worldwide stardom with his No-1 hit song Old Town Road!!


First Year's Guide 2020

UNSW Marketing Society Jan 18, 2020 Guides

Check out our 2020 First Year's Guide to get a headstart in uni life!


First Year's Guide 2019

UNSW Marketing Society Jan 18, 2019 Guides

Check out our 2019 First Year's Guide to get a headstart in uni life!


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At MarkSoc, we proudly believe that the best people to cater for students are other students. Our internal programs create future leaders who solve complex problems, take initiative and think outside the box.