Our Team

The Marketing Society team is a group of enthusiastic and passionate leaders, attempting to give back to the UNSW community by helping connecting students to necessary marketing skills and industry professionals.




Lily Huynh


Our president Lily aka our resident cry baby (she once cried over not getting her El Jannah’s fix) is one of the most friendly and approachable people you will ever meet. But don’t let her sweetness deceive you - when it comes down to work, Lily always drills down to make sure that the quality of whatever she and the people around her are doing is flawless. When she isn’t driving digital disruption at Deloitte or Microsoft (yet still can’t drive a car), Lily can be found spending all her money on travel, binge watching true crime shows, or at her all time favourite restaurant, KFC. She loves her wicked wings so much that she even has a dog that resembles one - Muffins the toy poodle (@muffinsthetoypoodle).

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Rafia Islam


Rafia Islam, better known as the Chairperson of MarkSoc is a true alpha despite her familiar title of 'beta'. Repping a high accolade of Commerce/Law, she is no stranger to grievances and coupled with her major in Accounting, the only cow you'll find in her household is a cash cow. Don't let her angelic smile fool you though, as her diligence and adaptability exceeds herself as she epitomises the perfect careers-woman to which every dowry is subpar to. As sweet as honey but stings like a bee, don't cross paths with this chairperson or you'll soon find out why she is also the grievance officer of MarkSoc. WOW! TWO POSITIONS?! Never fear though, as even with this powerful combination, Rafia still exhibits one of the most caring and friendly personalities in MarkSoc, so much so, she'll even have you accidentally calling her mum :')

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Vice President (Internal)

Stephen Cai


Stephen Cai, our VPI, boasts family connection to his famous sister (@eilxrr) and events director Tania Cai. When he’s not busy working at Deloitte or Arnott’s, he’s watching korean dramas and channeling his inner kpop talent by showcasing his piano and singing talents. He spends countless hours grinding away at League of Legends boasting the highest rank in the game and beating UNSW on a UTS team. Despite his nerdy tendencies, he is a gym enthusiast, who remains out of shape and promises that its ‘water weight’. Be careful when approaching Stephen as he is constantly in debt towards his friends, which he repays with memorable moments and his personality. Be sure to introduce yourself if you see him at popular establishments, such as the Business School of Marketing.

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Vice President (External)

Katie Lin


Our VPI Katie is our resident beach bum (even though she can’t swim). When Katie isn’t busy working at PwC, you can find her binging on RomComs and shows set in old Britain. Her ultimate love though is Brooklyn 99 as she embodies the character of Amy Santiago - a clean freak perfectionist looking for her Jake Peralta. She also has a cute King Charles Cavalier Spaniel called Pebbles, who is awkward like her owner, and seems to run away from her at any given chance. Despite having a cute AF dog, Katie’s spirit animal is the raccoon because of her love for food - especially pearl milk tea. Having just been a yellow shirt, Katie is full of university wisdom so don’t hesitate to hit her up for a chat!

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Liz Lin


Liz, aka ‘Lord Farquaad’, is the definition of an Eastern suburbs princess. You’ll always know when she is near because you’ll hear her distinctive laugh from a mile away. If she isn’t out eating pasta or hot pot, you can bet she’s either updating her dog’s instagram account (@korra_the_cavoodle) or rewatching Gilmore Girls. Although Liz may look scary to approach because of her RBF (and in the past because of her shocking blue hair), she is a caring, reliable and hard working person at heart. As this year’s treasurer, you can expect Liz to be hammering people down for payments and reimbursements, though she won’t struggle with finances personally as a Deloitte sugar mummy.


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Career's Director

Nicholas Leung


Our careers director, Nicholas, whilst born in Hong Kong is as North Shore as they come. His upbringing in an Australian International school led to acquired taste for private school culture which includes being a multi talented musician, boasting mastery in the double bass and saxophone. His academic skills are also unmatched, tutoring and living in the prestigious north shore whilst studying Commerce and Electrical Engineering. A man of many talents who has also travelled the world and experienced other cultures, Nicholas is the epitome of a perfect specimen. Don't let his popularity and accolades scare you as he is as well-spoken and down to earth as they come.

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Sponsorship Director

Adam Chew


With the world’s loudest snores and an even bigger heart, Adam is a man who is genuinely for the people. Infamously known for his appreciation of korean culture in both food and people, you can always rely on him for a good time. His ability to know all the lyrics of every song released in humankind’s existence is only trumped by his ability to befriend anybody and bring out the best in them. Opportunistic and upbeat, he embodies what it means to be the Sponsorship Director in his relentless drive to expand his professional network and bring value to company and students alike. When he isn’t hustling, you can find Adam transcending the legacies of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman in the gym.

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IT Director

Ali Ali


Ali (also known as Ali Ali or Ali Ali Ali or Ali Ali Ali Ali and so forth) is the tallest member, and funnily enough also the baby of the board. If you look past his height and deadpan expressions, you will find that our youngest is actually a big softie -- with an especially soft spot for the Publications portfolio (a portfolio that he had a strong desire to be in but never had the guts to apply for).Despite never wanting to do any work, you can trust Ali to always get the job done, proving himself to be the most hard working director behind the scenes. He's also known to be a domestic goddess, being able to cut up large batches of onions (with no tears?!). Unfortunately, his prowess stops there, with his bad taste in music seen through his lack of appreciation towards One Direction and Disney songs.

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HR Director

James Trumble


As our resident Trumblemaker, James is addicted to two things in life - the gym and the boys. If he’s not flexing in front of a mirror, you’ll find him catching up on his readings in the Law Library. Did I mention he has a 99.4 ATAR? Never one to say no to a night out, he’ll surprise you with his knowledge of drinks… given his career as a bartender. A master of banter, James’ ability to continue conversations is unmatched, as he’ll often blow up your notifications with unsolicited stories. If you ever see him around campus, be sure to say hi to see his signature smile and goofy dance moves.


Careers Director

Samantha Chung


Samie is your typical “I do law” student who is well spoken and able to converse with anyone about anything. She is also, unsurprisingly, another law student who has no apparent interest to work in law. Not only does she run in her Monday and Tuesday oztag games, but she regularly partakes in yoga, albeit very badly. Her fitness levels are only matched by her princess like behaviour - expect to open more doors and tie her shoelaces when you're around her. But do not fear, she is the best at running professional events so that you can continue to gain skill development with MarkSoc!

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Marketing Director

Emma Le


With feet that look like hands and a bob like Edna Mode, Emma is our Marketing Director and resident Harry Potter nerd. When she’s not talking to people about her experience studying abroad or her 7 year relationship, Emma can be found scouring Facebook and becoming ‘interested in’ any and all upcoming live music events. Befriend her and you will experience equal parts envy at her perfect skin and tenderness for her adorable personality.


Publications Director

Geneve Estrada


Geneve, also known as GX, gave up her instagram fame (17k followers) to become a full-time dog mum and work at Microsoft and PwC. When she’s not busy working, you can find her binging Korean dramas, talking about Korea, and travelling Korea. Although Geneve can seem intimidating with her crazy eyes and cheshire cat smile, she is a loving and thoughtful person at heart. Her Filipino genes also make her a great singer and harmoniser as she frequently showcases her passion for music through carpool karaokes featuring Disney songs and old bangers (namely - Backstreet Boys, One Direction, and old school Rihanna).

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Events Director

Nancy Wen


Nancy is the Events Director and will be busy throughout the year brainstorming and perfecting new killer events to rise to the top of everyone’s social calendar. She has two moods. Mood one: wants to talk to everyone and will plan brunch dates with them. Mood two: wants to talk to no one while watching Netflix in her room. She is the type of person that will immerse herself in a confrontational situation. Long story short by embracing her inner Blair Waldorf she is the ultimate diva that will demand for things to be run her way. But don’t be fooled by her aggressive side, she can be super lovely and sweet when she wants to. She absolutely adores her friends, loves her dog Oscar, enjoys her share of rom coms and strange American murder stories on YouTube. At the moment, she longs to be on an island sitting next to an infinity pool tanning, reading and drinking cocktails


Sponsorship Director

Anton Yuan


The man who apparently is never hungry and absorbs protein through the air itself is none other than our resident hustler, Anton Yuan. If you ever have a problem, head straight to this man for that classic lightbulb moment and he’ll be sure to set you on the right path with some great chats on a relaxed drive in his OWN CAR! WOAH WHAT! With a penchant for classy watches and nice clothes only going to reinforce his growing reputation as UNSW’s Nicholas Young his ability to bench multiple baby elephants at the same time allows him to hold up Marksoc’s amazing history.


Marketing Director

Sharon Cheung


Sharon is a true Hongkie at heart – born and bred in HK and only moving to Sydney 5 years ago. You know that she’s a 35mm film enthusiast when her Instagram stories solely consist of the number of film rolls she’s taken and that her posts never settle for iPhone photos. Also fitting the foodie stereotype, she runs her own foodstagram (@foodlantis.syd). She also claims to love bubble tea but won’t drink it three days in a row!?

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HR Director

Stanley He


They call him Stan the man for a reason. Our boy Stanley is one of the most hardworking and efficient people in the field. Juggling tight deadlines, university work and the missus, he never fails to meet expectations and even exceeds them at times. Did I mention during high school, he wore a fake uniform just to deliver lunch to his hungry girlfriend? What a man. The Human Resources department at MarkSoc is truly in capable hands. Stanley can often be found frantically hurrying around university to make every lecture like a first year. Despite this and his baby face, don’t make him mad or feel his wrath.

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Events Director

Tania Cai


The crowned queen of mukbangs is none other than MarkSoc’s events director, Tania Cai. An appropriate mix of fun and professionalism (former Kingsgrove High School Captain), she’s the one to look for if you need a friend to study or have banter with. Tania’s highly unique, subtly awkward, slightly stuttered and high-pitched laugh is one of her many defining traits, which, coupled with her high affinity for talking almost anywhere and everywhere, has landed her a job at a call centre. Outside work, you may find this athlete pumping iron at the gym, where she trains her body to take in a strict diet of purely malatang and instant noodles. A well-versed korean drama watcher, be sure that Tania wastes no time shedding a tear or two over any attractive man (on screen) whilst she wraps herself up in burrito form. Don’t be shy, come say hi, to the approachable and friendly Tania Cai!